Please note - Grooming tips on this page are for keeping your Pet Pom neat and tidy and it is not a demonstration of grooming for the Show Ring.









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Fizz Ungroomed

Step 1 - The Unfinished Pom


Fizz Ear











Step 2 - Getting the shape started


The excess hairs will protrude above your fingers and you want to cut a horizontal angle across the top - (far left) ideally the scissors should be parallel to the Pom's eyes. This is followed by a slightly tilted angle for your 2nd cut (middle photo). This shapes the ears into a softer angle and prevents them from looking too pointy. After doing the ears - brush the hair around the head forward (far right).








Step 3 - Trimming around the head












While you're doing the trimming - take your time, the faster you move, the more agitated or excitement you will make your Pom - especially if it's a puppy. If they are wiggling about - take a deep breath and calmly try and continue and you'll find they will more than likely relax too.












Step 4 - Keep the Circle Going

Keep the circular shape in your mind and keep trimming it it. Brush the featherings out by the shoulder (above far right) - look at them straight on and trim them away - continue to keep the circular shape when looking head on and the coat will look more buoyant and less heavy in that area. Trim away any excess hairs sticking out in the midriff section (photo far left).

Generally there isn't much hair that comes off around the head or on the body, it could be described more as tipping off the hair as opposed to cutting into it so it is too short.

If you are underconfident trimming with scissors, you may wish to try using thinning scissors. The best types have teeth on both sides - using them will create a softer, more natural cut. Also mistakes are less obvious.





Shaping the chest and underneath






Step 5 - Getting your underneath angles correct








Step 6 - Tidy up the Tail







Step 7 - Tidy feet





Step 8 - Tackling Nails





Dremmels can be ordered from online Grooming Suppliers - like Hub International (see links page)









Step 9 - Gee... your breath smells terrific!

Cleaning Teeth - Here's quick and easy way to clean their teeth. First put on a fabric plaster on the end of your forefinger. Dip it in some water (middle photo) then some Bicarbonate of Soda (take care to use a small amount and make sure your Pom doesn't eat any) - then gently insert your finger and massage the teeth and gums. They don't seem to object to this as much and don't mind taste. Ideally you should do this once a week and then your Pom will have nice pearly whites like Fizz.




You can also buy special toothpaste for dogs from the vet like Logic Gel and other tyeps from Pet Stores, many are meat or poultry flavoured and with a bit of practice your Pom will quickly get used to have its teeth cleaned. You can apply these types of toothpaste to a fabric plaster (as described above) or you can also buy finger brushes.

Inter-plaque picks sold for humans and found next to the dental section in most supermarkets are great for cleaning teeth too - they have soft bristles on them and are great for removing debris caught in teeth.





Step 10 - Perfection!

Finish up by gently cleaning the ears - Leo Ear cleaner is a good brand, I also use an ear cleaner made by Quistel.

Simply wet down a cotton ball with the ear cleaner, then gently wipe the inside of their ear. Do not force anything into the ear canal or use cotton ear buds.

You can get these products at your vets or order them online see links page.

Another finishing touch is to clean underneath the eyes if they look mucky or tear stained. Gently wipe the area under the eyes with a damp flannel – water only. Take care not to use much pressure getting anything in the actual eye.

There are a variety of products you can try to tackle eye staining - see our links page for companies that sell these products.




The Tools

Here is a photo of my basic grooming kit which comprises of a rattle comb, scissors, thinning scissors (for softer edges - mine have 46 teeth), soft slicker brush, cat nail clippers and a dremmel. I also have water to spray onto the coat to dampen it when I'm shaping.

As you can see from the hairball left - not a lot of hair needs to come off to tidy up a Pom.







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